Where to buy

Books & Plays

Thought I should maybe take a moment to point out precisely where you might be able to pick up a fresh-smelling copy of one of my books.

  • Amazon – here’s you’ll find all 6 titles, 3 printed and 3 for Kindle
  • lulu.com – this is the digital publishing service I use to get my books onto the presses (they charge a lot for postage however)
  • Librairie Ehrengarth, Quartier Neudorf, Strasbourg – Dominic has a Un morceau de Chaos in stock for 7,50€
  • The Bookworm, Strasbourg – Lawrence stocks all 3 printed titles

I have tried to ensure that prices match across the gamut of outlets – but can’t guarantee you’ll always find them at their recommended retail prices :

  • A little bit of Chaos : 7,50 €
  • Sitcoms : 10 €
  • You call this a Nativity? : 15 €

Now – go thumb a copy!