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Featuring winning scripts from THE SITCOM TRIALS.

The Sitcom Trials is the comedy show where brand new sitcoms compete and the audience vote for the winner. It began on stage in 1999 and has enjoyed successful runs as a touring show and on TV. This collection includes scripts that were performed during the 2004 and 2006 seasons of the ‘Trials’, a Sitcom pilot developed for TV with stand-up comedian and comic author Marc Blake, as well as a crop of other as-yet unperformed Sitcoms.

The Sitcom Trials began on stage in London and Bristol in 1999 and has enjoyed successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe, as a national and international touring show and as an eight part TV series on ITV1. In 2008 the Sitcom Trials won the Fringe Report Award for Best Encourager of New Talent.

The show works like this : the first halves of two competing sitcoms are performed, up to a ‘cliffhanger’ moment, then the audience vote to see the ending of their favourite one.

Reviews for the show have ranged from London Evening Standard’s “We’re not watching stand-up, we’re watching comedy history”.

Hamlet, Boy Reporter, 12 Knight St. Motors, A Midsummer Night’s IKEA sale and Fat Cats were all performed during the 2004 season, which was billed as ‘The Shakespearean Sitcom Trials’, at The Comedy in Oxendon Street in London’s West-End –a few doors down from the famous Comedy Store. Only Fat Cats failed to win the audience vote during the six-week run.

The Last of the Baby Boomers was performed as part of a Sitcom Trials master-class at the gala dinner of the TellyNation Convention in 2006 in front of Guest-of-Honour Brian Murphy, otherwise known as George from George and Mildred, where it too won the audience vote.

Buying the Farm was developed as a Sitcom pilot for television in partnership with stand-up comedian and comic author Marc Blake; with Blake undertaking the first episode and Hulley the second. Unfortunately though, as with many ideas put before light entertainment television producers, it did not meet the particular criteria of the time in order to earn the nod for future development.

Helpdesk, George and the Dragon and Nuclear Winter (with Stuart Allen) were all written for hotly-contested spin-offs of the Sitcom Trials: “Every 1’s a Critic” and “The Sitcom Mission”. However none of them were selected for performance. They are included here simply to give life to ideas that are unlikely to be revisited by their author(s) in the near future.

This collection of scripts has partly been compiled for egotistical purposes in the hope that, one day, someone might pay the author to write another one … but primarily for your enjoyment and the sound of laughter.