Freelance in France 2015

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product_thumbnail.phpI am very pleased to announce the release of my latest ouvrage: Freelance in France 2015.

What’s it about? Well it’s the essential guide to going it alone in La République; and contains practical advice and information concerning the myriad of ways of working for yourself in France. Including details of how to get started as an auto-entrepreneur, how to use cheques emploi (CESU), how to become an artiste-auteur or intermittent du spectacle, why to avoid becoming a travailleur indépendant, why to opt for cooperative or portage status, as well as how to make sense of this bunch of acronyms: AERL, EIRL, EURL, SASU, SELARL, SELAS.

It’s currently available in print on and is on Kindle pre-sale at Amazon; I also plan to launch a website to respond to any feedback or comments/queries you might have:

It’s all very exciting…