bart_hulleyThanks for visiting my virtual répertoire. Here you’ll find more or less everything there is to know about my work, life and interests. The site is work in perpetuity, so please come back and see what’s new whenever you’re procrastinating. If you’d like to get in touch please use the contact form – and I should be able to get back to you tout de suite.

Pour les français qui m’ont trouvé – bienvenue chez moi. Malgré le fait que je sais parler français et que j’habite à Strasbourg, j’ai décidé avoir ce site largement en anglais parce que mes clients sont largement anglophone (mais pas tous!). Pourtant si vous voulez me parler d’un projet s’il vous plait de utiliser la formulaire et je tenterais de vous répondre dés que possible.

Bowden Knight

I have been helping out the team at BK to present their unique image online. The solution includes a Woocommerce driven catalogue viewer on their website. See www.bowdenknight.com for more.

ICTV Solférino

I have recently taken on the web management for this amazing firm of documentary filmmakers based in Paris. The main current project for them is setting up an all-new Woocommerce store to replace a rather confusing old installation of Magento. To learn more check out http://www.ictvsolferino.com and http://www.ecransdechine.com


Working with Bart on our new website was a great pleasure. Sensitive to our organization's needs, he worked quickly and professionally to deliver a multi-functional, one stop shop for our members. I would highly recommend his services.”
Marketing Manager, Americans in Alsace


Pour les français qui m’ont trouvé – bienvenue chez moi. Malgré le fait que je sais parler français et que j’habite à Strasbourg, j’ai décidé avoir ce site largement en anglais parce que mes clients sont largement anglophone (mais pas tous!). Pourtant si vous voulez me parler d’un projet s’il vous plait de utiliser la formulaire dans la barre latérale et je tenterais de vous répondre dés que possible.

The Riviera Reporter

Riviera Reporter 1

I’m very proud to be on the editorial team of this bi-monthly magazine for English speakers on the French Riviera. My contributions are focused entirely upon my experiences as a freelancer in France. To read my profile and to download a free copy of the magazine visit : http://www.rivierareporter.com

Houba ! Houba ! La traduction de l’illusion de son dans la bande dessinée

houbaJ’ai écrit ce livre pour mon mémoire de Master à l’université de Strasbourg en 2014. Si le contenu vous intéresse sache qu’il est disponible à imprimer sur le site lulu.com pour 9,99€ : I wrote this book for my Masters…

Freelance in France 2015

product_thumbnail.phpI am very pleased to announce the release of my latest ouvrage: Freelance in France 2015.What’s it about? Well it’s the essential guide to going it alone in La République; [read more]

Dame Edna

Just taken over the running of this little site for one of my all-time entertainment heroes, Barry Humphries, known to many of course as Dame Edna! Strewth!

Spy Games

spygamesI’ve recently finished the English Translation of Spy Games, the first book in the new comic-book series by Jean-David Morvan and Kim Jung-Gi. Set in Hong Kong, it’s a fast moving action-thriller with a cleverly devised plot. To find out more …

Book covers

I’ve recently finished designing these two new Book Covers for novelist Carol Drinkwater for their re-publication on Amazon. Both are based on photographs I took myself – in Fiji and Sumatra.

mappingcover_2  abundancecover_2


If you stumble across a programme on Arte about Indian migrant workers anytime soon – there’s a good chance you’ll hear my voice playing a number of bit part characters on the VO. 🙂

Conference Paper

eucro-logoI will be giving a paper at Universität Freiburg in Germany tomorrow as part of the 2013 Eucor English conference. Entitled “PAW PAW : Translating the visual audio in comics” it covers the main thrust of my Masters Thesis on the reproduction of sounds in English translations of French Bande Dessinée (BD). Although I’m writing my thesis in French – I will be speaking in English. See you there, maybe.

Asterlook Voice Over

Credit: Translator and Voice Over Artist

Lunchbox Theatrical Productions

Recently completed this new responsive site for LTP… a big improvement on the old one!

Book ‘jackets’

Recently finished these four kindle covers for Carol Drinkwater. They should be appearring on amazon.com very soon.


Giving Tree

A completely bilingual website for a completely bilingual organisation – launched yesterday.  www.givingtree.fr

Dirty Dancing Asia

Another website completed this week: www.dirtydancingasia.com

Carol Drinkwater

Recently finished this site for Carol Drinkwater, author, actress and filmmaker. Please go and have a wander around the site … www.caroldrinkwater.com

Artiste voix off

Si vous cherchez un acteur ou comédien anglais pour votre enregistrement – ne plus cherchez ! Vous m’avez trouvé.  Je suis disponible à tout moment pour vos enregistrements voix-off. Étant originaire de Somerset en Angleterre, l’anglais est ma langue maternelle.  Je peux vous offrir plusieurs accents anglais, des styles de chic au paysan et de […]

The Sitcom Trials

CREDIT: Writer & Performer

Where to buy

Thought I should maybe take a moment to point out precisely where you might be able to pick up a fresh-smelling copy of one of my books. Amazon – here’s you’ll find all 6 titles, 3 printed and 3 for Kindle lulu.com – this is the digital publishing service I use to get my books […]

Globe Screenplay

I’ve just finished working on a very exciting, and original, project. It is a screenplay for a bilingual film which is due to be shot this Spring in Nantes. I’ve been working with Director […]

Voice overs

Thanks to being one of the few self-employed native British-English speakers in Strasbourg I have recently grasped the opportunity to develop a sideline in providing voice-overs (voix-off) on a number of local televisual productions. Whether this will go anywhere remains to be seen – however given I’ve also recently played in a theatrical production with […]

12 Knight Street Motors

A winning Sitcom TrialThis is the second in a series of three Shakespearean Sitcom Trials that I have published to the Kindle ebook format on Amazon. Like Hamlet, Boy Reporter, this title also won the audience vote during the trials season in 2004.


Houppz WebsiteJust finished this site for local theatre producers Houppz! It showcases their past two productions and aims to be a springboard to promoting the success of the next. […]

Hamlet, Boy Reporter

Hamlet, Boy ReporterI’ve finally worked out how to publish an eBook! This is the first in a series of short Shakespearean scripts for the Sitcom Trials. It won the audience vote three times on it’s performance in London in 2004. So – if you have a Kindle – why not have a read?


The comic-book scene in France is like nothing anywhere else in the world. Here it is dubbed The Ninth Art, and enjoys book sales comparable to that of the national literary market. While in the UK and America our knowledge of Franco-Belgian comics may extend only as far as Asterix and Tintin, the fact is there are thousands upon thousand of titles covering a whole range of genres and sub-genres for […]

You call this a Nativity?

You call this a Nativity?The trouble with traditional Nativity plays is they tend to be rather dull. Everyone knows the story, there are no surprises, plot-twists or jokes – which hardly makes for a very Merry Christmas! What’s needed is a bit of silliness, a few gags and some character comedy – all of which you’ll find right here between these pages. Nine entertaining plays featuring Mary, Joseph, The Three Kings, Scrooge, Santa, Rudolph, […]


Strasbourg Comics Festival

Strasbourg comic festivalI’ve been an active member of the association behind Strasbourg’s annual comics festival since 2009, Alsace Bande Dessinée, offering my services as Web-master and translator. The Strasbulles [festival] website is a forever mutating beast of multilingual news content, images and information.

The Ice Factor

York’s Outdoor ice rink returns this year, this time with a new website. This year site user can book their tickets without leaving the domain, smartphone or iPhones users are treated to their own user-friendly interface and iPad users don’t need to worry about flash errors. For effect there’s some snow falling down the screen […]

Kate Mosse

I’ve been supporting the web presence of Kate Mosse (the author) for the past few years.  The lastest project, completed in January this year was the integration of Kate’s three legacy sites into one all-encompassing web presence. Intended to coincide with the paperback release of The Winter Ghosts, the site features a slide-show enabled theme-switcher, […]


SitcomsFeaturing winning scripts from THE SITCOM TRIALS. This collection includes scripts that were performed during the 2004 and 2006 seasons of the ‘Trials’, a Sitcom pilot developed for TV with stand-up comedian and comic author Marc Blake, as well as a crop of other as-yet unperformed Sitcoms.

A Little Bit of Chaos

A little bit of chaosFrench/English Bilingual Theatre: Duncan McBryde tries to persuade his android butler to commit muder. “With disorder and chaos comes danger, and with and comes excitement!”